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  • Submit Your Materials for CYFERnet

    You probably have already used the great resources available through CYFERnet (the Cooperative Extension System's Children, Youth and Families Education and Research Network). So, why not submit your own materials for possible inclusion on CYFERnet?

    If you are:

    • an Extension professional
    • a faculty member at a Land Grant university or
    • a staff member of an Extension supported community-based CYFAR (Children, Youth and Families At Risk) site through the State Strengthening, New Communities or Sustainable Communities projects

    then we extend an open invitation to submit your resources to CYFERnet. Even if you don't fit one of the above groups, we are also interested in reviewing high quality educational Web sites that serve community-based children, youth and family audiences.

    What Type of Materials Are We Looking For?

    We encourage you to submit packaged programs (or abstracts), program tools, curricula, abstracts, fact sheets, research briefs, newsletter articles, etc. to the CYFERnet Editors for review and inclusion in the CYFERnet database located at www.cyfernet.org. We recommend that you review the CYFERnet submission evaluation criteria.

    Why Submit?

    By submitting materials for possible inclusion on CYFERnet, you will be helping out the thousands of users of the system as well as gaining national recognition for your name and your work.

    In terms of citing your CYFERNet-accepted materials for your resume, performance review and promotion and tenure:

    • Cite your work [For information on how to cite, please see: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/10/.] Add to the end of this citation: Part of the National Children, Youth and Family Education & Research Network (CYFERnet) peer-reviewed collection, http://www.cyfernet.org.
    • You can state that your materials were peer reviewed by a national CYFERnet editorial board and that, based on that review, they were listed in the national database and recommended as practical, research-based information and materials from the nation's leading universities.
    • Authors are often interested in reporting the number of people who accessed their online work within a certain time period. Because CYFERnet is an index or clearinghouse for materials that are on other sites, we cannot give you that information. However, you can use the CYFERnet search engine to identify all works in the CYFERnet collection that you authored or co-authored, and the URL of those works. We recommend that you contact the administrator of the server where your materials reside (presumably your university or Extension Service). You can then provide them with the specific web addresses of each of your resources (URLs) and ask them for the number of "page views" for each of the materials you published online.

    What Should Be Included?

    When you submit materials, please include:

    1. Title of the resource
    2. Name of author
    3. Author's full address
    4. Email address
    5. Phone number
    6. URL for document already on the Web
      OR an attached electronic copy of work (e.g. word processing, HTML, file).
      (CYFERnet has the capacity to convert a limited number of word processing documents into the HTML web format.)

    Where To Submit Your Materials:

    Please send your submission to:

    Kerri Ashurst
    University of Kentucky
    Office: 859-257-3032
    E-MAIL: kgoodman@email.uky.eduor