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  • Mission of the Month: Of Growth and Gardens

    Project BudBurst

    Has spring really sprung? Find out for sure by joining in Project BudBurst. This national field campaign invites the public to become “citizen scientists.” Along with other scientists and educators across the United States, you can delve into phenology, i.e. the timing of life cycle events in plants and animals. Simply observe and record the flowering times of certain plant species in your community. Then, via the Web, share your data with the phenology experts. They will compile the info and compare it to historical records to see how our climate is changing over time. Taking part in Project BudBurst is easy, fun and affordable. Just follow these simple steps.

    Operation Green Thumb

    Using a blend of scientific investigation and Internet resources, youth get in touch with their inner gardener. Watch a Web movie from the Michigan 4-H Children’s Garden that answers the question, “What is Science?” Then, do your own scientific investigation of the plants growing in your home, backyard or community. Read this helpful guide to get started.

    Garden Variety

    CYFERnet offers a garden variety of more ideas to get young people thinking about the science of plants—including links to online gardening games and tips for plant-related science projects.

    Originally published May 2007, last updated April 2013

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