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  • Stories from the By-ways of Life: Tales of Hopes, Dreams and Things In-between
    4-H Family Strengthening Distinguished Lecture

    by Bonnie Braun

    Braun combines the quantitative and qualitative findings from a 17-state, longitudinal research study of rural, low-income mothers and their families in a compelling presentation to increase our understanding of the hopes, dreams and experiences of these families. As in the oral storytelling tradition, mothers will tell of challenges they face in raising children, making ends meet, food security, health, employment and civic engagement within the communities where they live. Bonnie Braun, Ph.D., is the Herschel S. Horowitz Endowed Chair and director, Center for Health Literacy, University of Maryland-College Park School of Public Health, and a family policy specialist in the Department of Family Science. She served as president of the 100 year-old American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences.

    Braun is the CYFAR 2009 4-H Family Strengthening Distinguished Lecturer. Braun's lecture is sponsored in part by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, who believe that children do better when families do better and families do better in supportive communities. The goal of this lecture is to share research and practical examples of the reality of this statement and what this might mean for youth, families and communities.

    Stories from the By-Ways of Life: Tales of Hopes, Dreams and Things In-Between (lecture notes, DOC)
    Stories from the By-Ways of Life: Tales of Hopes, Dreams and Things In-Between Presentation (PDF)

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