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  • Hot Topic: Children and Guidance

    Dad offering his son cigarettes!

    As a new school year approaches, it may be a good time to think about guidance techniques with children. If you know what is typical for each stage of child development you will know the kinds of behavior to expect at each age.

    Discipline that Works: The Ages and Stages Approach

    Discusses the difference between discipline and punishment, roadblocks to good discipline, and tips for effective discipline. Also includes a table with age, emotional development stages, and tips for guidance to age 10. From the University of Maine Extension.

    Five Ways a Child Grows: A Timeline for Typical Development

    Provides a research-based timeline organized by age that serves as a guide to five ways a child grows - social-emotional development, cognitive development, language development, sensory development, and motor skill development - from birth to age five.

    Helping Children Grow: The Disabled Child

    How to best support children with disabilities and their families, including a list of relevant agencies and organizations.

    Parenting and Child Development

    A monthly series of parenting newsletters by Rutgers NJAES Extension providing information for parents about their baby's development, how they grow, feeding, safety, and FAQs, for the first year. Also available in Spanish.

    Appropriate Limits for Young Children: A Guide for Discipline

    Why children misbehave, how to coach them to behave appropriately, developmental milestones and strategies for adults to use for positive guidance from North Carolina State University Extension.

    Preventing Misbehavior with Very Young Children

    Positive guidance for infants and toddlers in terms of attachment, realistic expectations, and changes in the environment to support positive interactions from Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service.

    Understanding Children: Biting

    From the series "Understanding Children" from Iowa State University Extension, this issue discusses why children bite, understanding the pattern of biting, and what adults can do to prevent and extinguish the behavior.

    Minor Misbehavior: What to do About it?

    How adults should respond, from the University of Pittsburgh.

    Make Lemons into Lemonade: Use Positives for Disciplining Children

    The importance of positive guidance and how to turn negative discipline into positive guidance techniques. From Kansas State University Cooperative Extension Service.

    Child Guidance Techniques

    Provides many examples of positive guidance techniques and offers practice scenarios to help you change your pattern of behavior into more positive guidance. From the University of Tennessee Extension.

    Getting Along: When I'm Angry

    An Iowa State University Extension newsletter on teaching children about anger, problem solving with children, and appropriate ways to demonstrate feelings of anger.

    Responsive Discipline

    An online course through Kansas Extension with a series of lessons about discipline personal study. Course materials are included.

    Understanding Children: Disciplining Your Preschooler

    A newsletter from Iowa State University suggests that parents set up safe environments to minimize guidance issues and allow for children's self-control. Also suggests what to do when children misbehave.

    Time Out and Other Discipline Tools That Work

    A fact sheet from Ohio State Extension that offers methods of discipline such as "time outs".

    Parenting During the Elementary School Years, Part 1: Preventing Misbehavior
    Parenting During the Elementary School Years, Part 2: Discipline

    These two booklets from the University of Florida Extension provide information on how to create a supportive, nurturing environment with children, how to provide choices and support, and positive guidance for school age children.

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