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  • Hot Topic: Math with Preschoolers

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    Because young children develop ideas about mathematics in the course of their day-to-day lives, it is important for adults to make the discovery of math easy, interesting, challenging, and fun. Math is everywhere. These resources will help teachers and parents understand what math concepts children are experimenting with and what they can do to support them.

    Activities for Teachers and Families

    Making the Most of Math: Math in the Early Childhood Program

    Pre-Kindergarten Math Concepts

    Exploring Mathematics Everyday With Your Child

    A Family Note on Finding the Math


    Mathematics and Scientific Inquiry

    Children are Born Mathematicians: Encouraging and Promoting Early Mathematical Concepts in Children Under Five

    Every Day CountsĀ® Everyday in Pre-K: Math Research Base

    Algebra in the Early Years?

    Does Early Head Start Support Math and Science Development with Infants and Toddlers? Early Head Start Tip Sheet No. 29

    Web Sites

    Launching into Literacy & Math: What Is Early Math?

    Mother Goose Programs: Math & Science Resources

    Cool Math: Get Ready for Kindergarten


    More Hot Topics & New Research