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Online Work Groups for 4-H ESRI Grantees and Interested Others

For individuals who want more interaction with their peers and mentors, exchange of ideas, and collaboration: join one of our Wiggio work groups. These communities support active engagement around geospatial issues and programs. Our Introductory group is for those learning how to implement geospatial programs and how to use ArcGIS. Our Masters group is for those with greater skill who want to share ideas and enhance their programs and skills, perhaps develop new resources. The National 4-H GIS GPS Leadership Team participates in both and are happy to offer lessons learned, and assistance as needed. All are welcome to join a work group, from novice to expert. There is no fee to join, but you must be invited and the site is password protected. If you would like us to send you an invitation, send an email to cyf@umn.edu.

4-H GIS on Face Book

For those desiring more of a social interaction with your peers, as well as announcements of upcoming opportunities and sharing program success, check out our 4-H GIS GPS 4-H GIS Page on Facebook. Like us, and post what your 4-H program is up to!

Curriculum, Lesson Plans and Program Ideas

Resources that support youth learning and use of geospatial sciences are linked from this section of the site

Alert - Evacuate - Shelter: Mapping Our Way To Safety, developed by the National 4-H GIS GPS Leadership Team.

4-H Youth Favorite Places, developed by the National 4-H GIS GPS Leadership Team.

Lots of other GIS and GPS Resources

Opportunities & Other Resources

Check here for 4-H grant, leadership and event opportunities; organizations, multipurpose sites, and other useful materials.
  • Open up a world of 4-H mapping with ArcGIS Online, 55 minute webinar by Charlie Fitzpatrick on using ArcGIS Online. It's a great introduction to GIS technology before moving on to ArcGIS Desktop. Basemaps, operational layers, personal data, classification and symbolization, templates, embedded maps ... options for all, online, for free!
  • National 4-H GIS Leadership Team: Applications for the 2014 Team will be accepted later this winter. The application deadline will be approximately February 15, 2014. Email Jim Kahler if you have questions, jkahler at nifa.usda.gov.
  • 4-H ESRI Software and Training Grant: Applications are being accepted at this time; check the linked ESRI site for applications. The deadline for grant applications will be December 1, 2013. Applicants will be notified in early December if there are questions about their application, and in late December if their application was approved.